My 3:59: The Man I’m Called To Be

“A very personal yet generous and honest sharing of what our lives can endure, overcome and achieve. Built on a solid foundation of family and faith, Dan reveals the true strength in how we can overcome the seemingly impossible. The book is quickly engaging, deeply emotional, and motivational throughout. I strongly recommend, but caution it is not a light read, it requires you to engage while reading and calls on you to stay engaged long after completing the story.”

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Dan’s Story – The Man I’m Called to Be

“Simple, yet profound, the ultimate My 3:59, the ultimate impossible, is waking up every day and giving everything I have to live the life God has laid out for me. To become the man I am called to be.” -Dan Klein

Derived from determination, vision and purpose, Dan Klein created the My 3:59 movement and what it means to embody its spirit. After going through life challenges of his own, he learned what life truly has to give and how fast it can be taken away.

As a husband, father and friend, Dan’s mission is to live every day giving everything he has to achieve the impossibles of his life in an attempt to be the man he is called to be.

Dan is a sought-after keynote speaker and entrepreneur who has developed tangible resources to help his audience achieve their impossibles. He uses the My 3:59 story and spirit to motivate and inspire but what it comes down to actually having the tools to break through the self-imposed barriers in our lives.

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