When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.

Our Impossible Story of the week features Laura Burress, RN. ⁣Laura’s piece of advice for anyone working towards achieving a 3:59 is to keep going! “Keep showing up. Have faith. Take one bite at a time.”⁣

Q: What was your “impossible” – the thing you thought you would never be able to do?

A: Earlier this year my impossible was to complete a 70.3 triathlon. I signed up for Chattanooga 70.3 IM for May of 2020. As with most races this year, it got rescheduled, then canceled. That 3:59 is still there. It just got pushed out a little farther and will not happen until May 2021. In the meantime, I have other 3:59’s that I will accomplish. One is becoming a certified coach for a health and wellness program. I had looked into this several times and decided to postpone it until later. Right after Chattanooga cancelled I decided now is the time, so I’m working on it. My goal is to become certified and begin my first round of clients before Thanksgiving. My biggest 3:59 I have accomplished to date, is becoming a Registered Nurse. I was born and raised Old Order Amish and left home at 18. I had an 8th grade education. Within a year I studied for and earned my GED. My first job was at a factory and while there, I met a friend who encouraged and guided me in taking an ACT test and apply to WKU. I applied to the nursing program and did not get accepted the first time. I kept taking classes, applied again and was accepted.

Q: Why did you think you’d never be able to do it? What was standing in your way?

A: Growing up I didn’t know what one had to do to become a nurse. When I left home and found out the process involved, I just thought there is no way I could do that. I had so many doubts. Everything was new to me. All of it was unknown. I used mantras and quotes to keep reminding myself to have faith and keep showing up.

Q: When and how did you end up achieving it?

A: I graduated in May 2005 and passed the State Board exam July 8, 2005. The way I achieved it is I just kept showing up. I studied one page at a time. I took one day at a time. One exam at time. I would think of the semester in getting to mid-term then the final. I tricked my mind. I still do this. If something seems big, I break it up into manageable pieces. One of my favorite sayings and something I believe in is, “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.”

Q: What piece of advice would you give to those who may be feeling like they have an “impossible” they want to conquer?

A: Keeping going! Keep showing up. Have faith. Take one bite at a time.

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